Roys Tools

A great place to find the tool for your projects. With frequent reviews on the next best thing, you are sure to find the tool to fit your need. We stand by quality and affordability and hope to bring efficiency to all tool related work whether that is hanging a painting or building a house.

Quality Properties

Quality Properties is an apartment rental service. We have a total of five apartments in Huntington Indiana. Come and check us out to see if any are available.

Ashs Tech and Trinkets

Ashs Tech and Trinkets is an amazon store with all the best, latest, and affordable tech and trinkets that fit your wants and needs.

A little about us. We are a grandson and grandfather company trying to impact the world and climb the ladder in marketing. We stand for trust, Quality, and honor to our patrons. we currently are running 5 total companies. Roys tools, Quality Properties, Ashs Tech and Trinkets, Management Blog services, and the umbrella company Agmani.